Saturday, September 24, 2005

'Burn Again'

“Too late came I to love you, O you beauty so ancient and so fresh, yes too late came I to love you. And behold, you were with me, and I out of myself, where I made search for you: in my ugliness I rushed headlong upon those beautiful things you have made. You were indeed with me; but I was not with you: these beauties kept me far enough from you: even those, which unless they were in you, would not be at all. You called and cried unto me, you even broke open my deafness: you discovered your beams and shone unto me, and chased away my blindness: you did most fragrantly blow upon me, and I drew in my breath and I pant after you; I tasted thee, and now do hunger and thirst after you; you didst touch me, and I even burn again to enjoy your peace.” – Confessions, St. Augustine

Lord, here’s my prayer tonight: give me no provisions but your voice. Take away any comfort I have that you have not given me through your grace. I don’t want it. To this, my flesh trembles and my Spirit shines.


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