Thursday, September 22, 2005

God's Tear

sometimes it just doesn't make sense in prose...

excruciating pain of a loss
an intimate friend who left
a love lost and moved on
to bed with another less than.

struck deep in void darkness and
willfully broken and stripped,
thorned and pierced by gold,
stable and nails to reach out

upward groans, not to be taken
but to be took, took by the lost
God’s tear and salt and pain not
for His wounds, but the wounded.

pains, birth pains, for dead jesters
alive for a world, dead in The Court
holding onto coin to drop the cross
God’s tear of salt and pain not lost…

lost on me, a deep pain drives sure
a laborious hurt and anguish that
drowns the voice of the world, a
tear of salt and pain to drown it all.


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