Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lies and Betrayal

cheap grace fraud, saved not to be
Accuser paints, daily mural for me
what i did, thought and denied ago
on his mural, ashamed, i stand alone

writing on the wall, echoes of a fall
iron mixed with clay, standing fragile
a far cry from the head of gold
long since forgotten, truth be told

fact and lie, blinding facts and lies
spread the canvas, floods my eyes
the Power, which i do not call upon
cares to shed forth Light; as a pawn

i move to his piper tunes, blind mice
with a cross on hand, slow and nice
biting the tail ahead, on perdition trail
forgetting to look upon the betrayal

for what it is. a lie told, since adam
took hold his apple, slaying the Lamb
the stiff brush drops, from my grasp
at my feet of gold, strong and at last

i see the True Vine, from who i am
washing and drying, a Humble Lamb
i cry ‘Worship,’ my only response to
a God who serves a made new shrew

living streams, sweep the canvas aside
reveal deep waters, reflecting my inside:
a new creation, the old has passed away;
a new life, more abundant unto the Day.


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