Monday, April 24, 2006

Dreams and Visions

The gifts of God always encourage and build faith. If they discourage or divide or cause someone to stumble, they should be kept quiet and checked for whether they are of God. I am certain the following three experiences were of God, so please be encouraged by a few examples of what He has done to encourage, guide and love me.

In the last days, God says,
I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams.
Joel 2:28 (see also Acts 2:17)

I was at church worshipping during a Sunday morning service and the minister Michael Miller started praying that the Lord would rain down His Spirit on our group. At that, I began to see a vision of myself around a campfire, talking to native tribesmen in a language I could not understand. I was speaking and walking around the fire. Suddenly, bluish-white rain started pouring down and I looked up to see warriors dressed in white coming from a white and bluish light, carrying swords and passing over me. The rain seemed to be reaching me but I didn’t feel it – almost as if it was passing directly through me. I then looked down to see an extinguished campfire. A great sadness came over me as I realized the flame was out. It had once been burning, but now it was not. I realized the vision was about a choice I had made, when I chose to work at GE rather than Epicquest, and now it was no longer an option. (It was my choice to make, not a mistake, but a choice that God honored...) I grew discouraged and then cried out, “What now, Lord?” In a moment, He laid a hand on me and pointed me to a room. There was a desk and a lamp and I was writing on a yellow notepad. The Lord seemed to say to me, “Write… write what I tell you.” I later recounted this vision to my pastor Michael… but for some reason I stopped at the campfire scene. I told Michael that the door to going to unreached tribes had been open but was now closed, at least for now. Two weeks later, we were at a church conference and the Lord pressed it on my heart to pray for Michael. I walked over, laid my hands on him and began to praise God… I prayed for about 10 minutes until I was exhausted. As I closed the prayer, Michael looked me directly in the eyes and said, “I received your prayer but I didn’t hear a word you prayed. As you were praying, I saw a vision of you sitting at a desk, writing on a yellow notepad. The Lord wants you to know your writing honors His Name and you should continue.”

I was standing on a farm, making a phone call on my cell phone. We were under a pavilion with open sides and one of my friends was there with me. As the phone was ringing, a terrible screeching sound, like the emergency broadcast signal but louder, started coming through my phone. I then realized it was a ringing in my ears, only much louder than I had ever experienced. I moved quickly to the edge of the building to see the sky turn a crimson color and the trees and grass around me caught fire. The sky appeared as if a hand was pressing in, like when someone presses in on a tent wall. Airplanes flying overhead suddenly went down in flaming tailspins, as if swatted by the hands bulge. I turned to look at my friend, who was afraid and running for cover. I screamed, “Look up! LOOK UP!” but it was no use, he was full of terror. I saw the sky begin to open up in an awful display of fire and light as my body began to be lifted from the ground… I turned to watch my friend slam the pavilion door. With a shake, I awoke in my bed covered in sweat, my heart racing and overwhelmed with a feeling of complete fear and awe.

I was standing in a chapel with brown walls wearing a tuxedo… and then I saw her. It was all incredibly clear in my dream. Dressed simply, she did not look like a girl I would normally be attracted to… she had an average body with an attractive, but not uncommon face… these thoughts occurred to me, as if I was watching myself… watching myself standing there, completely captivated by her. I admired her authentic, lasting beauty, beyond her appearance, and I sensed a deep, warm love I have never known. I do not remember seeing the walls again. I walked a few steps down the aisle and hugged her closely. I whispered something in her ear. I could feel her smile as she pulled herself close and rested her head on my chest. With that, she seemed to say, “I’ll follow you anywhere, through anything, to the glory of God.” I realized we were in a wedding, our wedding… and this was my wife. I can recall vague details about her appearance. But it wasn’t her appearance that caught me… it was her spirit, which I didn’t see in my dream, but somehow was very conscience of... a gentle spirit that emanated for miles around. Playful and witty but not overbearing – a spirit that truly sees people… a Romans 15 spirit… a 1 Corinthians 6:7 spirit. Selfless and wild. She was a sunken ship that had been raised and repaired to its full glory and now sailed confidently before her Maker and fellow man. I woke up and knew the Lord perfectly provides.

God speaking through dreams is mentioned over 98 times in the New and Old Testaments: Dream Verses
And visions almost 50 times… Jesus has risen and still speaks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, i just read this and cried a little, it is just amazing. God is just amazing.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

what a blessing to see your recent posts. you are right...His plan is perfect....bewildering....and perfect. your words are a reflection of His Word...thank you for sharing.

10:09 PM  

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